Saturday, April 6, 2013

Washi Tape

Loving the fabulous Washi Tape, colourful Japanese paper tape that can be used for more than just taping a gift.

I have had fun sticking washi tape to shipping tags & mini pegs to make quick little gift cards as you will see below and more ideas can be found over on our Craft Ideas & Gift Wrapping Ideas Boards on Pinterest.  Washi Tape can be found in our shop.

Love this fantastic idea of decorating paper with washi tape, then scanning it & finally printing as many pages as you need:

Washi Tape paper & tag from A Spoonful of Sugar

A cute idea using Washi Tape as bunting on a gift:

Washi Tape bunting from Annixen


  1. I have a whole folder on my computer dedicated to ideas for gift packaging...I think we may be related! ;)

    1. How funny Kerry, we must be. A bit obsessed in fact with paper, twine, tape etc & there is so many fabulous ideas out there too, have only recently joined Pinterest & am wasting a lot of time on there :)
      Happy wrapping & if you want to share anything to put on here or on my facebook page please do, nice to know I'm not the only obsessed one :)