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Easter Gift Ideas

Searching for DIY Easter gifts, I have come across some easy & cute ideas to make for Easter, some without calories.

Cute Decoupage Bunny from Little Birdie Secrets

Easter Bunny Gift Jars from The Idea Room

Bakers Twine Easter Eggs from Landee see, Landee do

Monday, March 18, 2013

Gift Packaging Ideas No. 2

More gift packaging ideas showing how creative some people can be.  Often using items we might discard, now it's time to get inventive & reuse what we have at home.   There are so many ways to jazz up plain paper, so time to get out the white & brown paper & start decorating.

A cute idea that was used for Christmas but could be used for any occasion:

White paper, twine & vintage stamps by The Grower's Daughter

A clever use of duct tape to make a bow:

Tutorial for Duct Tape Bow at The Sweetest Occasion

Simple idea used for a Birthday Tea Party:

Brown Bag & Doily at The Sweetest Occasion

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gift Packaging Ideas

I love the idea of making your own gift packaging, not only fun to make but the recipient also gets to appreciate something different & personal.  It's amazing how plain brown & white paper can look once decorated with items you probably have at home, a good way to use up those bits & pieces you don't know what to do with.

Take a look at these fantastic ideas:

Cute Gift Packaging from Daisys & dots

Pretty Recycled Gift Wrap from Shop Girl
DIY Mini Envelopes by The Creative Place

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome to The Gift Package!

With this blog I hope to share new gift finds that are available in our shop and other places, share gift packaging ideas and hopefully inspire you with other creative things to make and pretty things we can desire.

At the moment I am loving signs especially these vintage look signs:

These signs and more are available in our shop, if only I had more walls to put them on!