Saturday, April 27, 2013

Motivational Jewellery

I love all things that motivate, inspire and promote positive thinking so when I came across this beautiful motivational jewellery, I knew I had to have some.

Made of crystals to help motivate, heal and act as a visual reminder to keep you on track and focused.

There is a variety of bracelets and necklaces to choose from depending on the area in your life you wish to focus on including:

For Women:  let go of stress, change of life, lose weight, boundless energy, guidance and empowerment, protection, prosperity, be happy, health & vitality and fertility.

For Men:  destiny, fearless and make millions.

For Children:  happy, confidence and protection.

The jewellery comes beautifully packaged with pouch, affirmation, scroll, instruction booklet in a bamboo gratitude box.

The 2 below are available in our store now, more to follow shortly.

Eat Healthy Wristlet

Make Money Wristlet

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