Monday, July 8, 2013

Gift Packaging Ideas No. 5

A few more cute wrapping ideas using brown kraft paper, including a tutorial for making the pennant stamp and then you can write your own message on it. There is also a quick and easy idea using confetti and a bow made out of washi tape.

Brown paper has never looked so good, so pull out your roll and start decorating and wrapping!

Confetti wrapping via 3@12

Pennant Rubber Stamp wrapping via Just Something I Made

Washi Tape Bow via Easy Living


  1. The confetti wrapping looks SO cute! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

    PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

  2. Thanks Trishie, yes I'm going to try the confetti idea, looks fun. Over to check your giveaway now, thanks for the link.