Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Washi Tape Stamps

The discovery of Washi Tape Stamps has led me to search for some fun ideas for using them.   The stamps come in a 2 pack with various designs available or if you are clever enough, you may be able to make them yourself.

Stamps can be used to decorate gift bags, cards, envelopes, decorate scrapbooks and many other items. Take a look below at ideas for using the stamps and also a link to a tutorial for making your own.

Washi Fabric Bag Project by Stampington & Company/Vanessa Spencer

Washi Tape Bag by Ishtar Olivera/Rike
Washi Tape Envelope by Ishtar Olivera/Rike

Handmade Washi Tape Stamps by Memi The Rainbow

DIY Washi Tape Stamp by Girl Town

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